The Canadian Wedding Awards 2014

  Well it is certainly a busy weekend ahead!!! We have a ton of Fancy Face Inc. weddings and client bookings and to top it all of, we are attending at gala at The Ritz Carlton to celebrate The Canadian Wedding Awards 2014!! This is the very 1st year they are holding this type of award show for the wedding industry so it is sure to be a fun night!!! I couldn’t be more excited to have Fancy Face Inc. asked to do numerous industry professionals’ hair and makeup prior to the show! We are prepping Tracy Moore from...

  Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by blogger and entrepreneur Sara Borean about the “Braids, Blooms & Beauty Workshop” (#bbbworkshop2014) we held at The Soho House Toronto in November. Here is a look at the wonderful article! In it, you will read about the three of us who were involved in putting the workshop together and what inspires us on a day-to-day basis!! I LOVE working with other talented women and let me just say, this day, I was SURROUNDED by female greatness!! Hope you enjoy the article as much as I did!!!   Below is...


My November Makeup Favorites!!

  Hi lovely friends!   Wanted to share with you some of my November makeup staples! I use these on the regular and couldn’t be more obsessed with them than I am! See above & feel free to ask me any questions you have about the products in the comment box below! Also, here is the look these products create for me. Hope you like it!      xx  -Britt