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Wedding Planning -Tips For The Everyday Bride.

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Good-Afternoon Everyone! 

Today I feel like sharing my experiences so far when it comes to the wedding planning process. I feel like I have definitely learned some things along the way, and for all of you busy women on the go, here is what’s working for me!: 

-Hire a planner. When I first got engaged, the very 1st thing I did was hire a planner. With my busy work schedule and running Fancy Face Inc. on a daily basis, I knew that I would have very little time to plan my big day all by myself. SO many members in my family including my fiancé thought that this was an unneeded cost, however for me it was a MUST. If I didn’t have the help, I would have to do it all by myself & lets face it, their aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve invested in a professional who knows her stuff & who will bring to my attention things I would have NEVER thought of. I have been to SO many weddings and have seen SO many things that could have been better executed if a wedding planner was involved. My best advice to you: If you don’t get a full wedding planning package, at the very least, invest in a day-of planner. Let someone else worry about the ins and outs of your day. After all, once it is over, its over. You cannot relive it. I refuse to be stressed on my wedding day. I’ve hired Lexi from Lexington & Co. Events & let me tell you… she is a GOD-SENT!   

-Get clear on the logistics of your day. Know your ceremony time, know how you want the day to unfold, know where you are both staying the morning of the wedding… FIGURE THIS OUT ASAP. This will not only help you and your planner plan the day easily, but your vendors will also LOVE you. As a wedding vendor myself, there is nothing more frustrating than a bride-to-be who doesn’t know her wedding day timing. Your vendors and family are all relying on you to be clear on these details WAY ahead of time. Hash them out sooner than later & you will be in everyones good books. 

-Less is MORE!! When it comes to choosing your bridal party, trust me, less is more. I only have two bridesmaids and a man of honour & oh boy is it easy!! No fights, no disagreements, no dozens of emails & phone calls to keep everyone in the loop. It’s simple, it’s easy & it’s stress free. I love it!! 

-Choose your vendors wisely. TAKE YOUR TIME when deciding on the “big” things. Your florals, your decor & design, your photographer, venue, cinematographer… the last thing you want to do is put down a deposit on a vendor and then after a little more research, wish you went with someone else. Really take the time to investigate the vendor and make sure they are the best fit for you. I also loved chatting with my fiancé Mark about who we were going to hire. Your other half sometimes sees things in a different light than we women do, so use the extra pair of eyes to be certain that they are everything you are looking for. 

-Choose decor and design items that are timeless. You’ll never look back regretting what you chose.  

-Look for a floral & decor company that is an all-in-one service. MAN OH MAN did this help me out. It takes a HUGE amount of stress off your plate. One company to worry about it all. No relaying to two or more parties about the look you want & hoping they will all come together seamlessly. With one company, you can trust that vision will come to life. I know this tip isn’t for everyone, but for a busy girl like me, it just makes sense. I hired Rachel Clingen to do my florals and decor. I could not be more pumped.  

-Soak in the process!! You are only going to hopefully do this thing once!! Why not enjoy it!?? Of course there may be stressors financially & with family however at the end of the day, don’t let those things rob your joy. You will look back wishing you enjoyed it more. 

-My last point for today: Realize that the budget you set will not be the budget you end with. Leave yourself at least a $5000.00 buffer for unexpected costs. They will inevitably creep up. I’m seeing it happen myself. Be prepared for it so it doesn’t throw you off balance. 

That’s it for now!!! Congrats to each and every one of you venturing into this new and exciting territory! Happy to be sharing my experiences with you! Leave a comment below & let me know the one thing that you have learned from the wedding planning process!! Would love to hear your thoughts!! 



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