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Wedding Planning 101

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Well, I am now 4 months into planning my wedding and I have some tips/advice for those who are newly engaged. Here are my pointers to help things run smoothly during the 1st few months of your wedding planning!Β 

1) Realize that everyone in your life will be asking you about your wedding planning. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this. Don’t make rash decisions because of this. The worst thing you can do is feel the need to book all your vendors and purchase all the accoutrements the 1st or 2nd month of being engaged.

2) Schedule some time to yourself or with a close friend/family member whose style/decor advice your trust & search through your favourite bridal magazines. Also, while doing this, realize that magazines and Pinterest is a heightened sense of reality. Most weddings in the higher end bridal magazines are well over $100,000 and to most people, that budget is seemingly unrealistic.Β 

3) Stay true to you. Everyone is going to have a vision for your wedding. The WORST thing you can do is make decisions based on what others think is right for you. This is your one day to do things your way. (Well, yours and your fiancΓ©s way) Honour yourselves and be true to yourselves. It is a given that if you stay true to you, people will feel that and notice that on your wedding day and in-turn, have a great time because of it. Being authentic is a must!Β 

4) Take your time finding a dress. Why?? Because it’s a blast!! I am 4 months into my planning and I have yet to find the dress I would feel comfortable walking down the aisle in. However, do you want to know something dumb I did?? I put down a deposit on a dress after looking at a TON of dresses one day, feeling utterly exhausted. The next morning I absolutely knew that it wasn’t the dress for me. By that point, less than only 15 hours later, I had lost my $1200.00 deposit. It was a shame, however I learned a lesson to share with all my Fancy Face brides. Take your time, think things over for a night if your think you found the “one”, don’t feel pressured to buy a dress your family members, friends/consultant like better than you do, shop around for a while and then when you say YES TO THE DRESS!!, you’ll know you made the right decision. Oh…and make sure to have a snack & be fully rested when shopping too. Put all the odds in your favour. πŸ˜‰

5) If you are engaged around the same time as your friends, know that it is inevitable that you will feel the pressure to keep up with the timing of your friends. DON’T succumb to this race. Making hasty decisions will not serve you in the end. You need to make decisions when the timing feels right to you. To answer your probable questions… you don’t need your dress 10-12 months in advance, you don’t need your florals & decor 8-10 months in advance. If your wedding is on a Saturday in the height of bridal season, than you may need to be more ahead of the game than others, however even so, it is not a race. There all TONS of wedding vendors out there and I guarantee, if you take some time, research & ensure you are happy with the vendors you choose, you will be MUCH better off in the end.Β 

6) If you are a busy business woman like myself, invest in a planner. I know it’s an extra cost and your friends/fiance and family (F.F.F) will think your crazy, but trust me….you need a planner to save you time, do the things you simply do not have the time to do, and to keep you SANE! For me, time is money. I need to utilize my time wisely and if I spend my entire year thinking about my wedding the whole time, I will not be able to focus on my business the way I always have. Hiring my planner was THE BEST decision I’ve made yet!!Β 

7) Last but not least, create a wedding vision board. Not to get all “the secret” on you but, it really does help to get an overall sense of what you are looking for. That way, when selecting wedding vendors & giving them direction, you will be clear about what you want and in-turn, get what you want from them! Clarity is key. Take a night off, drink some wine, light some candles & envision your perfect day. Source images that reflect this and then place them all on one document together. I promise, doing this works. πŸ™‚Β 

Enjoy The Process

I hope this helps some of you ladies who have just gotten engaged and some of you that might get engaged this Valentine’s Day! We are all in this together! Might as well make it calm, enjoyable & fun!!Β 






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