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My Wedding Dress Hunt

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Ok, friends… I know so many of my Fancy Face Inc. brides found this part easy, but for me, let me just say two words… it’s not. I’ve been to at least 5 stores now and I am just finding it so difficult to find “the one”! Working with so many brides each week for the past 9 years, I really have come to see a TON of wedding dresses and feel that maybe I am a bit desensitized to it all. However, with that being said, I know that when you try on the dress that ends up being “the one”, it should just feel right! So many of my clients have said they cried when trying it on and I feel like maybe that just won’t happen to me!?? Β 

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I have never really envisioned what my wedding day would be like…and I certainly don’t have a dress in mind. One thing that is good out of it all is that I really am learning which styles suit my body. I also am compiling a small list of things I would like to find in my perfect dress. So, I guess throughout the search, I am narrowing down my criteria of what will make me the most happy when choosing the dress I get married in. Β 

One thing I have found interesting is exploring the different bridal boutiques that the GTA has to offer! So far, I have been to Ritche, Amanda Lina’s, Kleinfeld, White Toronto and Superior Bridal. I have to say, out of all of them, Amanda Lina’s is my favourite so far. The staff is extremely kind and accommodating, they don’t rush you out after a certain length of time, they work very hard to bring you numerous selections they think will suit you, their dresses are really beautiful, the showroom is gorgeous and I really felt that they give you an overall, positive experience. I liked the other places as well, however Amanda Lina’s really took the cake for me.Β 

Are you currently looking for your perfect dress or already married and have a story about how you found the one?? Share your insights, stories and tips with me below!! Would love to know where you found your perfect dress!! πŸ™‚

Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding the perfect wedding dress

Fingers crossed I find the dress soon!!Β 




Brittany Gray

Kelly! I absolutely loved your dress!! I couldn't agree with your comments more. I am going to take your advice!! Love blush color dresses on my skin tone too. White for some reason doesn't suit me! Strange eh!!? Thanks so much for your insights!! Xoxo


You sound like you're having the same experience I had. Went to a bunch of different shops, but my frustration only grew with each dress I tried on and didn't like on my body. I soon came to dread dress shopping because it was deflating my self-esteem; it just wasn't fun anymore! Eventually I ended up at a Watters trunk show at Felichia Bridal on College Street. I had started to think a blush-coloured dress was what would look best with my skin tone, and I hit the jackpot at Felichia's, finding the 2-piece gown you saw me in when you did my make-up :) Sometimes you just have to step away from what everyone else thinks is normal for a wedding dress to look like...try a different colour or length, or check out some vintage shops. Good luck with your search - I have no doubt you will look stunning in whatever dress you decide on! xx

Brittany Gray

Thanks for sharing!! I've heard that taking my time is important. So many brides say they rushed the process due to excitement. Hoping I have a fun experience like you did when finding the one!! Xoxo


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