Good-Morning all!    With summer being right around the corner, what is a better time than now to share my makeup must-haves for the sunshiny season!?    Below are my top cosmetic choices to add to your summer beauty routine. These are definitely pro industry favourites and I consistently find myself reaching to these products both for myself and my Fancy Face Inc. clientele.    You can find the majority of these products at Sephora, so its time to get shopping!!    Enjoy!!     

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Today I am happy to share a new feature on “The Strategy” that I was honoured to take part in.    Some background on “The Strategy”: Your lifestyle, your people, your home, your body, your reading material, your education, your online proclivities, all play a part in the way you get dressed. It’s all connected, my friends, like apple is to pie and Alexander is to Wang. It’s practically scientific, and we want to know the formulas behind todays muses, designers, tastemakers and trendsetters. Through a short Q & A and personal day-in-thelife photos, get a behind...