Hello beauty lovers! For the 2nd time around, my beauty advice can be read “in the glossy” of Remark Magazine. This time round, I am sharing my advise on the one, the only…bronzer!! It is one of the trickiest products to get right & I feel that it’s time to let the mystery that is picking a bronzer be demystified!! In their May/June Issue on pages 102 & 103, I list 10 steps to choosing the perfect brand, shade & texture for you when it comes to getting that sun-kissed glow or chisled cheekbones. Click the link below &...


My November Makeup Favorites!!

  Hi lovely friends!   Wanted to share with you some of my November makeup staples! I use these on the regular and couldn’t be more obsessed with them than I am! See above & feel free to ask me any questions you have about the products in the comment box below! Also, here is the look these products create for me. Hope you like it!      xx  -Britt