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There are days/years where you put your nose to the grind stone and feel like it goes unnoticed, and then there are other days/times when you are fortunate enough to receive kind & generous recognition. Even in the times of sheer quiet, I feel lucky to do what I love, to work on my business and to feel daily spurts of inspiration.Β 

Last Thursday I had the complete honour of being showcased on’s website as their featured “Notable Young Entrepreneur”. Prior to this published online article, they interviewed me about my career thus far, what inspires me and what sets me apart. The outpour of support and love since the article has been published is beyond what I ever could have asked for and I feel so humbled and gracious to be recognized on the well-known site. To read more about the article on Notables website, click this link here. My intent for the article is that it inspires young women to get out there and be fearless about pursuing passions and dreams. My motto has always been to follow my heart and I really believe that listening to your intuition as guidance will surely lead you to a notable life and one that feels superbly magical. πŸ™‚

Young Entrepreneur on -Brittany Gray

Young Entrepreneur on -Brittany Gray