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My Favorite Beauty Products Of The Moment

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Ok girls. I am going to let you in on my favourite beauty products of the moment. These are must-haves for every girl who wants to look glamorous in her day-to-day life. I have discovered these along the way & I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!   

1) Nars Creamy Concealer: I’m obsessed!! I have yet to come across a concealer as brightening & with just the perfect amount of coverage. The consistency isn’t too watery or too thick. Just right. My favourite colour whether tanned or pale (in the winter months) is Custard. 100% recommend this product. Love it!! 

Nars Creamy Concealer


2) Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation from Benefit Cosmetics: Ok, this foundation is genius. At a mid-point price, not low-end or super expensive, this foundation surely gives you a flawless face. I love it because it has light-relecting particles in it that really give your face a radiance & glow! I find that the foundation gives me the perfect amount of coverage without making me look fake or cakey. You won’t be disappointed with this one! I promise!! 

Hello Flawless

3) Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask: Here I am letting you all in on my biggest secret! Like French women, I truly believe that if you take care of your skin & hair, there is very little that you need to do to look beautiful & refreshed. Tata Harper’s mask is my secret to radiant and flawless skin without any makeup needed whatsoever. When ever my skin feels dull or ‘blah’, I do this mask for 20 minutes, and right after, my skin looks like I have been healthy & drinking tons of water for weeks!! (A great cheat if that’s not the case) Highly recommended if you have a special event coming up. I always refer this product to our Fancy Face Inc. brides! 🙂 



4) Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisture Balm or Cream: I am literally over-the-moon with this cream. I love the smell of both the balm and the cream & everyone can benefit from having both. The cream is amazing under makeup & the balm is great for bedtime or the cold, harsh winter months. I find that the texture of my skin feels supple and hydrated because of using this. Couldn’t love it any more than I do!! 
Bobbi Brown


5) Benefit’s Watts Up Highlighter: I have been recently using this on my Fancy Face Inc. brides and I have to say, I am loving the tone of this and the reflective quality as well. It really has a warmth to it that most highlighters don’t. I love that about it! It has more of a gold-ish flare to it! It isn’t as cool in colour. The gold in it really gives the skin an extremely healthy glow and looks magnificent on the tops of the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose & on the cupids bow. Simply radiant. 🙂 
Benefit Highlighter



6) Tom Ford Blushes: I recently purchased Tom Ford’s blush in Flush 03. It is SUPER bright to look at and may scare most people off but I’m telling you, it’s stunning! I find that his blushes are also amazing for longevity. They do not wear off over the course of the day. They stay put and will help you look flawlessly flushed all day long. 

Tom Ford Blushes



7) Cold Pressed Juices: Not too long ago, I stepped foot in a new cold-pressed juice bar in Toronto called Greenhouse Juice Co. I stocked up on a bunch of pre-made juices that were fresh in their fridge. After drinking them for a few days I noticed that I had WAY more energy and my eyes & skin looked bright, healthy and refreshed. There are a ton of them popping up in the city. Even though they are slightly pricey, I greatly recommend heading to a cold-pressed juice bar rather than Starbucks. You will get WAY more bang for your buck and are doing something amazing for your body. Those healthy nutrients will do a body good! 

Green House Juices  1 Green House Juices 3 Green House Juices


 Well, those are my favourite beauty products of the moment! I hope you enjoyed my post and learned a few tricks! What are your favourite beauty products to use on the daily?? I’d love to know so I can test out some of yours too!! 


Lots of love on this Monday!! 


-Brittany xx 






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