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My Journey To Becoming A Bride….

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Well, it has been almost a month and a half since my fiancé Mark popped the question. Ever since I have been on cloud nine. The notion of marrying the love of my life excites me more and more each day. I never was one to daydream or think about my wedding day, so actually having to begin planning the big day feels a little surreal to say the least. 

After 9 years in the bridal business, actually being engaged myself is bringing a whole new perspective to the industry for me. I have been a part of probably close to 1000 wedding days by now and the whole time, there was an element of understanding missing when it came to dealing with my clientele. I didn’t know exactly what they were going through or how they felt. Now that I am engaged myself, it really excites me to feel all the feelings my past, present and future brides have felt and will feel.  

Now that the initial stages of planning my own wedding has begun, I have to say, at 1st, I felt really overwhelmed!! I didn’t really know where to start and kind of felt strange about putting focus on myself and my own wedding day. I have always been so concerned with everyone else’s wedding that dealing with my own wedding day felt nothing short of daunting. 

I am really lucky to have a friend in the industry who is going to help me plan my wedding. Her name is Lexi and she owns Lexington & Co. Events. She is the spunkiest blonde beauty I know and I really can’t wait for her to put her special touches on our special day. 

I also have now found my venue -The Hazleton Manor, my photography -Amsis Photography, my officiant – Pam Moss from Enduring Promises & my DJ -Melissa Rose from Sound X Entertainment.  

I really am having a lot of fun curating such talented people to surround us on the big day. There are so many amazing vendors in this industry and it really is incredibly hard to choose one company in each arena. With that being said, I have complete confidence in the people we have chosen so far & am looking forward to adding some others!

On Friday, Lexi and I will begin going over the details that I have not yet covered, which is A LOT. We will go over decor, guest lists, color scheme, bridal party details, florist options, cake options and much, much more.

All and all, I am really starting to enjoy the whole process and really just want to soak these moments in. So many brides have told me that it all goes by so incredibly fast… that if your stressed out or not living in the moment, you will miss out on the joys of it all. I plan on taking things one step at a time, having fun with it & thoroughly enjoying the ‘engaged/fiancé’ stage.  After all, I really do like saying the word ‘fiancé’. It sounds so fancy!! 

More thoughts on my journey coming soon!  

Countdown to our happily ever after…

Stay tuned!!  




Are you planning a wedding?? If so, what is your experience so far like?.. OR…Are you currently married with any tips or suggestions for me during the planning process?? If so, comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!!



xo It is going to be the best!! xo Cannot WAIT!


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