ET Canada -Harley Quinn For Halloween

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Once in a while you get asked to go to the set of ET Canada, and when that day happens, there is only one response to give… YES!

ET Canada asked me to come into their backstage makeup room to create a Harley Quinn Halloween makeup tutorial for their social media followers. Suicide Squad is SUCH a popular movie this year, and the prediction is, Harley Quinn will be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2016!

On Thursday of this week, I headed into Global TV where ET Canada is filmed and they set me up in the makeup room to shoot the tutorial. I worked with a lovely producer named Cat who directed the whole thing. It was a lot of fun!

With Halloween just a day away, it made a whole lot of sense to share this look with soon-to-be Harley Quinn ‘transformers’.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad harley-quinn

Above are two photos showcasing Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie. To really show her look off well, I took to Amazon to ship me a wig just in time for the shoot. With only having a day to find one and all the Halloween stores completely sold out, Amazon Prime really came in handy.

Below is Entertainment Tonight Canada’s Twitter post sharing the completed video link:

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup -Suicide Squad -ET Canada

Seeing your name & your company name next to the ET Canada logo will never get old…So cool! <3

Beauty Expert Brittany Gray on ET Canada fullsizerender-2

Let the transformation begin! Here are some behind the scene shots of me recreating the look!


Pinning on the Harley Quinn wig


The monitor that the producer at ET Canada was watching throughout the shoot


Positioning the wig to properly fit my head.


A shot of me on the monitor prior to doing the Harley Quinn transformation for ET Canada


The producer Cat watching the monitor behind the scenes


Putting the final touches on the makeup prior to adding the wig to complete the look!


Pin setting my hair prior to the wig placement


Now that the look is all done, let’s compare the two!!

To watch the full video, see below!: