I’m Engaged!!!…..

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After 4 and a half years together, Mark popped the question last night to seal the deal and make it official! I am absolutely over the moon right now with sheer excitement! I was completely caught off guard yesterday and 100% ecstatic to say “yes!!” I can’t believe Mark is now my fiancΓ©! That feels so good to say!

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So your probably all wondering how he did it…

How he proposed...

Well, yesterday was one of those rare days when Mark and I both had the day off Β to spend together. This rarely happens nowadays as he works as a film tech on commercials usually putting crazy 12-17 hour days and I am constantly with Fancy Face Inc. clientele or working on my business. So anyways, back to what I was saying, yesterday all we had to do was lay on the couch, be bums and rest the day away!

So, due to that, I decided to laze in my PJ’s all day, not wash my hair, wear no makeup (actually probably still had a little bit of yesterdays makeup still kicking around) and basically look as careless as I possibly could.

We spent the entire day kicking it together…he made me breakfast…we watched TV shows and movies…chatted about life and cuddled on the couch with Hugo for the majority of the day.

At around 5pm we went for a walk with Hugo. I didn’t know it at the time, but he had the ring in his pocket and was waiting for the right moment to pop the question. At this point, he had already asked my parents for permission to marry me and was adamant that today was the day!

While on the walk, he felt that there were just too many people around to make it intimate. Once we got back to our place, he gave me a big long hug and told me how much he loves me (as he usually does so I thought nothing of it). Then I went to sit down, as I thought it couldn’t possibly be happening now especially with the current status of my lazy self and attire. Before I sat down he grabbed me again and hugged me some more. At this point, I felt that it might be happening!! He then told me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and take care of me forever. The next things he said were a bit of a sweet blur as he went down on one knee, pulled out a black box, and opened it while popping the question!!

I was already crying my eyes out by then and said, “Your really doing this with me as disgusting as I am right now!!?” and he told me he loves me the most when I’m like this (au naturale)… with my guard down. Then I tried to take a glimpse of the ring and legitimately couldn’t see it because of the tears in my eyes. I leaned over and hugged him with everything that I had, absolutely over the moon with his question, totally forgetting to say ‘Yes!”.

Then he said, “You haven’t said ‘yes’ yet!! At that point, I of course yelled “YES!!”

My favourite moment was then, having Mark place the ring on my finger as I looked down at Hugo standing right beside us watching the whole thing. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…

After some happy tears and a lot of hugs, he then let me know that we had reservations in an hour at our favourite restaurant, Auberge Du Pommier. We then proceeded to put on some fancy clothes, clean up a bit and head to an intimate celebratory dinner together. It was perfect. A night just for him and I.

Once we got home, my mom stopped by to celebrate with us!! It was so nice to have her there to be a part of the moment. My dad and Mark’s parents are out of town at the moment, so having her there meant a lot.

We then began to call all of our close friends and family to let them know the news!! It was such a surreal night! I still feel like it was a dream, but this rock on my left hand kicks me back into reality & let me tell you, real life feels good right now!! After 9 years in the wedding industry, I guess its my turn!!

Now… for the juicy part… THE RING!!!

Here it is!!!:

Engagement Ring

Mark did an amazing job at picking the ring out. It is everything I ever wanted. The shape, style and overall look I am in love with. I love that it looks like the Eiffel Tower from the side and I am obsessed with the antique feel of the ring too! If you know anything about me, you know of my obsession with all things Parisian and antiques! πŸ™‚ Maybe we will have our honeymoon in France one day soon!!

My most favourite part about the ring is the diamond that he chose. The diamond is completely flawless except for two crystal inclusions that are circular side by side and look, under a microscope, like an infinity sign. Mark said that as soon as he saw that diamond and the marking in it, he knew it was the one.

All and all, I am so excited to be Mark’s fiancΓ© and to begin the next phase of our lives. After being together for 4 and a half years and living together for just over 3 and a half, I really feel that we whole-heartedly know each other. We are ready to get married, and one day soon start a family of our own.

I feel beyond lucky to have a man that loves me as much as my parents do. To always want the best for me and support me in my dreams. I look up to the man that Mark is and am beyond proud of everything he has become. I couldn’t feel more honoured than I do to have such an amazing man by my side. Cheers to us babes!!! To a life full of love, excitement, endless fun and forever in each others arms.

My one and only…

We're Engaged!!