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Beach Engagement Photoshoot!!

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Hi all!!! Happy New Year!!! I hope you had an amazing holiday season with your loved ones!!! <3

Mark & I decided to do something a little different over the Christmas & New Years holiday. We decided to spend it down south at our family condo in Anna Maria Island, Florida. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about being in a warm climate on Christmas Day (being a lover of hot cocoa, fire places & endless Christmas decor), however being close to the beach and being able to tan and swim in our pool won me over!! 

We spent a glorious three weeks on the island and I have to say, having some quiet time with our family after a VERY busy 2014, was incredible. It’s not very often that I get to step away from work for that duration of time & I definitely know the value it brings to my body, mind & spirit. That rejuvenation time was key so that I can kick it into high gear now that I am back and rested!!  

While we were away, I thought it would be a great chance to do an beach engagement shoot!  Our wedding is going to be in the fall in Toronto & it is certainly not going to be near the gulf of Mexico, so there was no better time to document the beginning of our wedded journey together! I also am OBSESSED with the sunsets on Anna Maria Island, so I knew we had to take the pictures with the gorgeous sun set sky right around dinner time.

We enlisted in a local lifestyle photographer Laina Hopkins who I have to say, was extraordinary. Her photos are exactly what I was looking for. Beachy, airy, bright & fresh with a whole lot of personality & romance wrapped up in there too!! 

Below is a very 1st look at how the shots turned out!! I haven’t posted them anywhere yet & wanted my readers to see them before anyone else! After all, you are on this journey with me!! I really hope you like them as much as I do!!! 



image68 image65 image66 image64 image60 image58 image56 image55 image54 image51 image46 image43 image42 image40 image38 image37 image34

image26 image19 image13


Melanie Rebane

You both are sooooo gorgeous ! Beautiful shoot so nice to see your face on the other side of the camera :)


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